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  Whether you want to consult information, solve problems, or suggestions about our service, Fulda adhering to the "create value for the customer" philosophy, a matter of conscience for you to provide professional, quality service!

  • national service 
  •   hot line:0512-81600818
  •   email: frd@cnfrd.cn
  • foreign operation
  •   0512-81600816、0512-81600826
  •   email: export@cnfrd.cn
  • If you want to consult on advertising media, brand promotion, public relations activities, such as aspects of cooperation, please call the service hotline or send mail!
  •   hot line:0512-81600811
  • If you want to join the Fulda, and Fulda shared growth and development, please contact the Ministry of personnel!
  •   hot line:0512-81600860
  • address: NO.1, oujiang rd , shuangfeng town , taicang ,suzhou,Jiangsu Province.

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